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Your Open Source Partner


We want to be your open source development partner. We can build the technologies you need to help your business adapt, innovate, and grow.
YetOpen is a company that operates in the IT and technology sector, the ideal partner to accompany you in evolving your business. We’re always in step with the times and with the reality of the market.

Modern companies are complex and need technological solutions that integrate different resources: people, departments, and information technologies. We can support your business as it grows by making it smarter and more efficient with open source tools.


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We build technologies that enhance your key business processes, including websites, software, and mobile applications.

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IT Services

Your business won’t run without tools. We ensure the technologies you depend on are secure, effective, and on-demand.

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We can help make your next big idea a reality. Competitive businesses are always changing. We’ll grow with you.

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User Experience

We ensure your users, both internal and external, are captivated, excited, and hungry for more. Our motto is design, test, refine.

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Technical Communication

We document all your technologies and processes in easy-to-understand language and can also help manage all your existing documentation.

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We can teach you everything from how to use essential technologies to how do project management. We’re here to support your lifelong learning.

YetOpen, Your Open Source Partner

Your Project + Our Solution

We are an experienced and reliable partner who will help you reach your business goals through the development of new technologies.

Innovation, optimization, a variety of skills, and many years of experience are what characterize us as a firm.

We specialize in the development of complex web applications that can be integrated with other business systems and in the design and implementation of software of various kinds that are customized to meet your needs.

We accompany you step by step through the phases of your project:

  • Identification of needs, context and data analysis, definition of requirements and processes
  • Design of a completely customized solution integrated into business processes aimed at maximum quality and satisfaction
  • Project development with the use of the most advanced and innovative technologies available
  • Constant assistance, support, and training even after installation
  • Continuos optimization and updates


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Riccardo SamaCEO

An expert in the open source world, Riccardo founded YetOpen Srl in 2003, of which he is still president and CEO. In 2020 founded YetOpen LLC as CEO of that company to bring his services to additional clients. He leads both companies with great vision and energy, excellent relationship-building capabilities and determination to achieve goals. 
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Lidia BalioCFO

Lidia is experienced CFO with demonstrated excellence in business administration, financial reporting and analysis, and team management. She has consulted with various businesses and on public and private grants. She is also skilled in economics, organizational development, digital transformation and training.

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