“Over time, a simple idea shared between Fondazione Somaschi and YetOpen led to AlloggYO. A partnership initially born for the sole purpose of accommodating minors, it has gradually developed into other projects concerning minors and other services offered by the Foundation. Today, the software is an essential part for all the projects, offering invaluable support to the Board of Directors.”

Father Walter Persico

Member of the Board of Directors of Fondazione Somaschi Onlus and Director of Somasca Headquarters(LC)




In 2011, Fondazione SomaschiOnlus inherited the works of St. Jerome, which had been preserved by the Somaschi Fathers, turning them into new projects thanks to the passionate and professional collaboration of religious and laypeople.

Fondaziione Somachi Onlus was an appropriate inheritor of the works of St. Jerome. Since 1928, St. Jerome has been the universal Patron of orphans and abandoned youth. Fondazione Somaschi Onlus’ mission is to shelter and assist those in need and promote their dignity and well-being.

To accomplish their mission, Fondazione Somaschi Onlus manages several programs and projects for children, mothers with children, adults, and immigrants in most of Italy. The organization has 28 facilities in its possession, for the purposes of shelter, therapy and education. Additionally, the organization manages 68 projects for autonomous and social housing.

In addition to a dozen Somascan Fathers, the Foundation also comprises over 200 professional figures, 150 volunteers, and roughly 70 trainees every year from various Education Sciences faculties and social services organizations.



Here at “Fondazione Somaschi, guest management has become more effective with “AlloggYO” by YetOpen.

In 2018, Fondazione Somaschi contacted YetOpen because they were looking for a reliable partner to design and implement a customized software according to their specific internal needs. In addition, the software had to improve the administration and management efficiency, starting from the management of personal details and files concerning the various facilities and guests; to manage the educational projects (data collection, classification and disclosure, attendance monitoring, management of confidential information); and to update and plan data on behalf of the Board of Directors.

 After a thorough analysis, YetOpen developed AlloggYO, a web application whose main purpose is to manage, in an organized and customizable way, the data and document workflows typical of organizations operating in social-educational and reception activities.

AlloggYO manages, in an intuitive and organized way, all the data and documents connected to reception centers, guests, educators, and operators. This includes demographic information (general, health, legal); contracts; file management and administration; pharmacy administration (therapy history of each guest and an overview of the therapy type to be administered); the number of guests in the center;, and the operators’ roster. Its educational section is a fundamental part of the software, since it allows the user to update and monitor the educational projects, the guests’ register, and the evaluation sheets.

The digitalization of the documents and the archives is a fundamental element of the software’s functions.

A strong authentication system provides protection from unauthorized access to the information, while the secure management of data, especially sensitive ones, is guaranteed by the highest data protection standards.


AlloggYO offers management and administrative tools that allow to organically access information and to share it in real-time in multiple locations, resulting in easier internal procedures and reduced processing times.

Our customers appreciate the intuitive approach, maximum flexibility, sharing and direct access to information that AlloggYO offers.

Its scalability makes it possible to adapt the software both to growing organizations requiring a structure and to more consolidated and complex ones that need to optimize their management. 


Since all our software is developed using open-source technology, we managed to build a robust, cutting-edge technology. Using MySQL databases, PHP programming language, and responsive themes (meaning that they can fit into any device they are displayed on) based on the Bootstrap library, we were able to develop AlloggYO.


YetOpen is constantly improving and developing AlloggYO  based on our customers’ requests and needs.

We are excited to offer two new features of this software soon: a graphometric signature (allowing users to directly sign documents) and enhanced digital archives.

We adopt a “lean approach.” We implement what is really needed by understanding  our customers’ specific needs and offering immediate solutions.