“Dado by AlloggYO was implemented with the help of the friends at Fondazione SomaschiOnlus and thanks to the skilled and readily available YetOpen resources. The small-sized company YetOpen very professionally customized a tool designed to help and protect those who don’t live with their families based on the needs of Domus de Luna. We would like to continue developing this platform to further improve and support those who need it the most.” 

Ugo Bressanello

President and Founder Fondazione Domus de Luna Onlus


Domus de Luna is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 to assist and treat struggling children, young people, and mothers who have been victims of abuse. Its merits have been recognized by the Region of Sardinia and the Ministry of the Interior in Italy. The Foundation manages various ongoing programs and projects. Domus de Luna has a center that specializes in psycho-pedagogical support and education of minors put into care by the Court. They also manage a cooperative working on helping young Italians and mothers integrate into the job market. As a whole, Domus de Luna coordinates several projects addressing social issues in Italian society.

Since its inception, Domus de Luna has welcomed and assisted 230 children and mothers. This non-profit has always been committed to the support of children, young people, and victims of abuse to ensure their recovery and a bright future.



DaDo (Digital Analysis & Data Organization) by AlloggYO: help to help others


Domus de Luna contacted YetOpen because it needed a data management tool specific for its reception facilities. Specifically, they needed help to manage daily activities, management processes, and administrative processes of their organization. Dado by AlloggYO is a custom web application that does exactly that.

Dado allows for the simplification and optimization of workflow and makes information sharing easy within an organization. This custom web application can be customized and adapted based on an organization’s specific needs,it simplifies and optimizes processes.

With Dado, YetOpen aided Domus de Luna in streamlining their day-to-day workflow and organizational communication. The solution has already been successfully used for other similar projects and it was further customized to perfectly match the specific requirements and the operational needs.

Customization is exactly one of the special features of Dado by AlloggYO, resulting in high flexibility and adaptability to countless settings according to the customer’s needs. In this way, this tool dynamically compliments the growth process of organizations.

Dado by AlloggYO is a web application accessible anywhere through an internet connection. Its main purpose is to manage, in an organized and customizable way, the data and document workflows typical of organizations operating in social-educational and reception activities.

Dado by AlloggYO manages, in an intuitive and organized way, all the data and documents connected to reception centers, guests, educators, and operators. These include demographic information (general, health, legal), contracts; file management and administration; pharmacy administration (therapy history of each guest and an overview of the therapy type to be administered); the number of guests in the center; and the operators’ roster. Its educational section is a fundamental part of the software, since it allows to update and monitor the educational projects, the guests register, and the evaluation sheets.

The digitalization of the documents and the archives is a fundamental element of the software’s functions.

A strong authentication system provides protection from unauthorized access to the information, while the secure management of sensitive data is guaranteed by the highest data protection standards.


Dado by AlloggYO offers management and administrative tools that allow users to organically access information and share it in real-time in multiple locations, resulting in easier internal procedures and reduced processing times.

Sharing and direct access to information is the most appreciated advantage of this product. Additionally, our customers appreciate the intuitive approach and the maximum flexibility of the software.Its scalability makes it possible to adapt the software both to growing organizations requiring structure and to more consolidated and to more established organizations that need to optimize their management.


Since all our software is developed using open-source technology, we managed to build a robust, cutting-edge technology. For example, we used MySQL databases, PHP programming language, and responsive themes (meaning that they can fit into any device they are displayed on) based on the Bootstrap library to create Dado.


YetOpen is constantly improving and developing Dado based on our customers’ requests and needs.

We are excited to announce two new features will be available soon: a graphometric signature function ( which will allow users to directly sign documents) and enhanced digital archives.

We adopt a “lean approach.” We implement what is really needed by understanding our customers’ specific needs and offering immediate solutions.