“We have been successfully working with YetOpen for several years now. Their team led us through the changes our company had undergone in recent years. I believe that their strength lies in the development of programs tailored to the customer. We had the chance to appreciate this ability on several occasions along with the progressive improvement of response times.”

Luca Samà

Samà Srl Owner


 Samà Srl, better known as the brand 3S SuperSamaStore, is a leading company in the trade of hydraulic and air conditioning materials. It was founded in 1976 and had grown over the years as a company with a strong, artisanal vocation. The company highly values customer relations and meeting the individual needs of its local customer base, a quality that a good family-run business and years of experience were able to enhance. In 2011, Sama Sri invested in e-commerce bringing their Lecco-based store online. Their bold move profoundly changed their business structure. Today, e-commerce is Sama Sri’s core business.

Samà Srl appears in all the main global search engines (Amazon, eBay) and has a yearly revenue of over 8.57 million USD.

Thanks to the positive sales trend and the increased workload, in 2020 the company invested in a new physical location: a 4700 sq. meter space for showroom, offices, and storage and shipping warehouses to manage its B2B and B2C sales channels (both onsite and online.




After an initial need for improving and maintaining the company network, the shift to e-commerce required considerable investments to update and adjust to the new tools.

We then integrated highly technological web applications within their internal system. With our prompt and expert response to their requests, they were able to efficiently enter and consolidate on the online market.

Over the years, YetOpen responses and solutions to Samà Srl’s requests have always kept up with the newest trends. This has resulted in a solid, lasting partnership.


NegozYO is a platform designed and optimized for e-commerce needs, enabling retail management in multiple stores. Easily accessible from any mobile device (tablet, smartphone, laptop) via an internet connection, NegozYO is a comprehensive solution to monitor every aspect of the many phases of the sales process: from procurement to warehouse and from the website to the on-site and online sales (including administrative tasks and tax management).

Here are some of the features used by customers from the beginning:

  • Centralized management of the various sales channels (website, social media, marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, onsite store).
  • E-commerce website with customizable template and SEO optimization
  • Complete management and customization of different categories (products, suppliers, price lists, warehouses, shipping and payment methods)
  • Product management (stock, reorders, inventories, list prices and discounts, variants, labeling)
  • Customer orders, bookings, and shipping management
  • Fiscal documents management (delivery notes, electronic invoices, payments)
  • Management of the various tax positions within EU countries
  • Purchasing order management, price list monitoring
  • Mailing list management including privacy/GDPR policy consent
  • Gift cards and loyalty cards management
  • Data integration with ZucchettiAdHoc administrative software


NegozYO is an easy and intuitive software that meets the needs of today’s retail. It can be perfectly integrated and adapted, ensuring total management continuity.

The direct contact with developers and system analysts, the ability to investigate and understand business needs, the customized products are the most appreciated advantages of this product.


The software is developed in PHP and based on a Joomla! + VirtueMart platform, with the help of the Yii2 framework. Data are stored in a MySQL database, while files are stored on a server in a protected folder that is not publicly accessible.

The system has been put into production on servers running a Linux operating system, preferably an Ubuntu Server updated to the latest LTS version available.

Browser access to the software is via an HTTPS secure protocol.

There are also geographical blocks to access the system.


Being a customizable web application, NegozYO is constantly improving and developing based on our customers’requests and needs.

There is some news coming up soon such as:

  • Booking a visit to the store or a video call
  • Bots for purchases via Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger
  • “Gold” customer status with access to exclusive events
  • Warehouse optimization algorithms

We adopt a “lean approach.” We implement what is really needed by understanding our customers specific needs and offering immediate solutions.