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The multichannel e-commerce solution
for B2B and B2C

NegozYO  is a complete e-commerce  application that can help you manage your online store with easiness and security.

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NegozYO grows with you! Choose it to:

Increase sales

Safely manage your online business

Offer an improved user experience to your customers

Save time and money

NegozYO is the e-commerce platform created to meet all the needs of online businesses. Unlike many e-commerce solutions, however, it is multichannel and also allows you to manage face-to-face retail. This means it integrates with all major e-commerce channels, including Amazon, eBay, Google, and more!

In a single tool you can have a website, e-commerce store, and customized management system at the service of your business.

NegozYO is a web application accessible from any device connected to the internet (tablet, smartphone, etc).

On-site shop and online shop: the alliance that works for today’s businesses!

Selling online now entails managing an effective e-commerce website while occupying a strategic presence within the major e-commerce channels and social media. At the same time, many businesses struggle to maintain all this, and who could blame you! On top of your online presence, you also have to manage one or more traditional points of sale and keep increasingly savvy and demanding customers happy throughout the entire buying process.

NegozYO helps you meet all these needs in a single web application. And it helps you manage every aspect of the sales process, from procurement to on-site and online sales to tax collection and business management.



You are always online

Sell in a few clicks



All data is protected by security protocols and payments are secure



Store, Web, Mobile, Social, Phone


You can manage several business processes at the same time


Customization and scalable approach

Some features that the application allows you to manage:

  • Centralized management of all sales channels (website, social media, marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, on-site shop)
  • Maintenance of an e-commerce website with a customizable template and SEO optimization
  • Complete management and customization of different categories (products, suppliers, price lists, warehouses, shipping, and payment methods)
  • Product management (stocks, reorders, inventories, basic price lists and discounts, variants, labeling)
  • Management of customer orders, reservations, and shipments
  • Fiscal document management (transport documents, electronic invoices, fees)
  • Management of sales tax in any state or US territory
  • Purchase order management and price list control
  • Mailing list management with privacy and GDPR compliance
  • Management of gift cards and loyalty cards
  • Interoperability with other business software

Our approach is “lean.” We implement what is really needed by understanding the customer’s exact needs and offering immediate solutions.


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