The right Software for Housing communities


AlloggYO is a web management software designed specifically for housing communities. It can serve any organization, but works especially well for non-profit organizations with educational, social, or welfare-based missions.


Choose AlloggYO to:

Safely manage your communities and projects

Access important information anywhere

Share information across staff and volunteers

Welcome guests with a host of tools at your service

AlloggYO is a tool developed on the basis of concrete needs in consultation with people who manage non-profit realities every day.

AlloggYO allows for the complete, organized, and digitized management of all information and document flows relating to reception facilities, guests and users, staff, and associated fees.
Customizable, intuitive and reliable, the objective of AllogYO is to organize management and administrative activities, facilitating access and sharing in real time even in different workplaces.

AlloggYO integrates and makes available, at different levels of authorization, all the information recorded by the various professionals who interact with your guests, and is able to return them in the form of consultation or reporting for evaluations, programs and strategic decisions.

It also includes a DMS (Document Management System) that can cut down on hard copy paper by cataloging and archiving paper and digital documents. It’s also suitable for creating, reviewing, and distributing files according to customizable workflows.


Log in and you have everything at your disposal


All data is protected by security protocols


Customizable according to your needs; complete with everything you need


Fast web access from computer and mobile

Some features that the application allows you to manage:

  • Community management for offices, structures, services, and projects
  • Guest and user registry
  • Personal data of employees and collaborators
  • Medical history management
  • Education: guest diary, monitoring of educational projects, evaluation forms
  • Guest attendance tracking
  • Shift operator tracking
  • Contract, document, and administrative management
  • Cash management
  • Message board, communications for management and control bodies, including external agencies and boards of directors.
  • Reporting and data export (text, pdf, xls)
  • Interoperability with other software

AlloggYO is a web application developed with modern open source technologies and customizable according to the requirements and specifications requested by the customer. It easily accessible from the web and protected by the best security protocols.

Our approach is lean. We implement what is really needed by understanding the customer’s exact needs and offering immediate solutions.


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