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The Ultimate Open Source Monitoring Solution

Zabbix is the ultimate solution for network monitoring and IT infrastructure continuity.

Versatility is its distinctive feature, thanks to the ability to install proxies in geographically distributed locations. Each proxy acts as a local server, reducing network traffic and the load necessary for the main server, which will receive only collected data from a satellite server.

With Zabbix you can implement controls for every need. By default it includes templates for monitoring VMWare hosts, IPMI interfaces, vital resources (RAM, disk, cpu) of Windows and Linux machines. And you can customize it with external scripts to control virtually any type of service.

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What is Zabbix?

Zabbix is a monitoring software which allows the collection of data, their analysis, the generation of automatic responses and the configuration of the system, all in a completely secure manner.


How does it work?

Zabbix collects your data through numerous methods, all of which are secure. It evaluates them using trigger expressions, simple evaluation rules that can be easily customized. There are also a number of automatic methods to better read the data, such as tables and graphs. For major monitoring there is also an auto-discovery feature.

Free and Open Source

Zabbix is completely free for any type of use: you don’t have to pay for premium versions, as there aren’t any. There is a single version that includes all the features.


With auto-discovery, Zabbix can scan the network to detect new devices and automatically assign performance checks to any it finds, as well as automatically monitoring new nodes created on the Cloud. All this thanks to 3 features: Netword Discovery, Low-Level Discovery, and Auto-Registration.


Zabbix is versatile: data collection is applicable to any device (from servers to networks, even going to virtual machines. You can even manage very large and complex networks. And it can be used on any operating system.

Why Zabbix

Zabbix is a 100% open source solution: completely free, without risk of vendor lock-in (data not monitored by commercial entities). It has simple and well-structured setup and configuration. It’s available for Linux, Windows, and Unix. It includes always accurate and in-depth monitoring, but is also simple and automatic. All information is stored in a relational database for immediate and accessible processing.


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