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The Car Dealer Management System That Guides You

GestYOcar is a web application designed specifically for the automotive sector that allows you to guide the entire process of car logistics.

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Choose GestYOcar to:

Have everything under control in a single turnkey management system

Build on your success in the automotive sector

Optimize processes and Simplify your life

 GestYOcar is custom, open source software, developed through modern interface applications according to the requirements and specifications requested by the customer, easily accessible from the web and protected by the best security protocols.

GestYOcar allows for complete, centralized, and online management of all your dealership needs, including taking charge of, transfering, storing, and delivering vehicles. It also facilitates safe key management and full control of administrative procedures.

The software also allows you to track all vehicles inside and outside the dealership; organize entrances, sales, and rentals; manage maintenance; manage inventory; know the exact position of all cars in parking lots; and much more.

Tracking is automated and enabled by QR codes generated directly by the software.

You can also combine the potential of GestYOcar with two of our other products to manage documentation and physical key access: Docucross and GancYO.


Curated interface that guides the user


Always updated and enriched with new features


Customizable according to your individual needs


Fast access from desktop and mobile

Some features that the application allows you to manage

  • Complete real-time vehicle handling and tracking
  • Complete real-time key handling and tracking
  • Location in warehouses and parking areas
  • Storage with a key lock system that can be placed in cabinets and safes
  • Tracking of historical data, vehicle, keys and personnel handling
  • General data sheets and vehicle accessories
  • Company vehicle fleet management
  • Vehicle cost analysis and reporting (insurance, rentals, fines, claims)
  • Creation of expert reports for vehicle restoration
  • Import and view sales documents
  • Sales statistics consultation
  • Inventories
  • Organization of requests for customs clearance, pre-delivery, maintenance, work on behalf of third parties
  • ODL work orders, programming and control of the manufacturing process
  • Cash balance management
  • Supplier orders and related processing deadlines
  • User notification system by e-mail and on mobile devices
  • Import of data and documents from external sources such as Excel
  • For Volkswagen Auto dealerships, imports from CQS, Cross, and XML data issued by Cross


Our approach is “lean”. We implement what is really needed by understanding the customer’s exact needs and offering immediate solutions.


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