“We needed to optimize the car’s storage and transfer, as well as their physical inventory and other processes, such as the registration agency management, the outsourcing management, the activity and tracking requests, the company cars management, and much more. All these requirements had been implemented by YetOpen, with the immediate result of more efficient internal operations.”

Lorenzo Pietro Giacomel

C.I.O Director Fratelli Giacomel Spa


The official dealer for brands such as Audi-Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat, Fratelli Giacomel is a leading company of the automotive sector in Northern Italy “in a metropolis that is both [their] home and a continuous source of inspiration: Milan.” In 2019, they sold 12,000 cars and 3,360 turnkey vehicles and boasted over 36,000 satisfied customers.

Since the early 1980s, Fratteli Giacomel has been the standard for customer service in the automotive industry. Their professional attitude, knowledge, and attention to detail impacts every aspect of their business, including sales, servicing, maintenance, bodywork, fabricating spare parts, company fleets, and long term rentals.

This successful automotive dealer has always been attentive to its customers’ needs. Fratteli Giacomel has grown in part by relying on customer feedback to strengthen its internal structure and optimizing the company processes. Additionally, their decision to specialize in selling cars to domestic rental companies has bolstered their workforce and organization.

In the near future, the company plans to expand its client base and to inaugurate new branches, in accordance with its sales agreements with Volkswagen Group. They also plan to partner with Das Welt Auto and AudiPrimaSceltaPlus, which offers and markets used cars on a customer loyalty basis.




Fratelli Giacomel has been collaborating with YetOpen for more than 4 years on multiple aspects of their business.

The evolution of the logistic system in the automotive sector with the organization and the digitalization of processes turned out to be a decisive factor for our success. Besides, it instantly gave us an advantage against the competition.

Based on this assumption, Fratelli Giacomel needed to adjust its internal structure to defined and organic processes, optimizing the information workflow, making it more structured and easily manageable.

Fratelli Giacomel values the continuous improvement of its activities. The company knows that to achieve this, it’s necessary to develop a digital organization capable of optimizing and managing information and data via customizable and ever-evolving software applications.

GestYOcar: The software that drives you 

Docucross: Integrated file management

Following a thorough analysis of the internal logistic procedures and having designed a plan to improve business efficiency by optimizing processes, YetOpen developed a system consisting of two integrated web applications: GestYOcar and Docucross. The former guides through the entire management of car and keys logistics, while the latter manages the car documents throughout the whole production cycle.

The whole system allows you to manage, monitor, and query information such as car data sheets; paperwork and documentation; car sales and sales offers; key and vehicle handling; depot and parking management’ order management concerning repair and processing works; management of company cars and related costs; appraisals; registers and administration; rentals’ and car registration.


Track and trace!

This solution had been successfully implemented and used by leading car dealers throughout Italy. It uses tools to locate the vehicles inside and outside the dealership (depot, maintenance, sale, rental, other dealers or customers, suppliers, inventories, etc.).

Its main feature consists of guiding the user through the entire process of cars and keys logistics.

As in every production cycle, it allows the user to determine which processing phase a product is in. Similarly, with GestYOcar it is possible to trace all the vehicles inside and outside the dealership, to organize incoming cars, sales and rentals, to manage maintenance works, to check the inventory, and to know the exact location in the car parks and much more.

Tracking is manual by scanning QR codes generated by the software itself and directly automated by external data flows.


Its file management function allows the user to digitalize any document related to car bureaucratic procedures and to easily search for a document. It makes any related and stored information or file available any time, depending on access restrictions.

A unique characteristic of Docucross is its capability to enable the acquisition of the main data generated by Cross (the software used by Volkwagen Auto) to manage car paperwork.


 The impact on the business was immediate. With the introduction of the new applications GestYOcar and Docucross, the management of the entire car logistics process had become more organized and systematic, resulting in increased efficiency for Fratelli Giacomel.

Access to information is immediate and in real-time. Down-times and the consequent job inefficiency had reduced.

The prompt response to any development or assistance request is the most appreciated advantage of this product.


The software is developed in PHP, with the help of a Yii2 framework. It uses a Bootstrap 3-based AdminLTE template to display content. Data is stored in a MySQL database, while files are stored on a server in a protected folder that is not publicly accessible.

The system has been put into production on servers running on Linux operating system, preferably an Ubuntu Server updated to the latest LTS version available.

Browser access to the software is via an HTTPS secure protocol.

Two-factor authentication and the use of Captcha after a set number of incorrect attempts may be enabled to access. There are also geographical blocks to access the system.


Being customizable web applications, GestYOcar and Docucross are constantly improving and developing based on our customers’ requests and needs.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on GestYOcar and Docucross, especially regarding the integration with Cross, which is the software used by Volkwagen Auto to manage cars.

We adopt a “lean approach.” We implement what is really needed by understanding our customers specific needs and offering immediate solutions.