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Your open source email and collaboration management system

Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS) is the most modern way to manage multilingual messaging and business collaboration. It is the open source solution for companies, service providers, as well as public, government, and education. It is suitable for any type and size of installation, from a single mailbox to millions of them.

Zimbra offers system administrators and users benefits and opportunities not found today in similar applications. Zimbra is also multi-platform and is accessible from any type of device or operating system.

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Built for the Modern Web

The heart of Zimbra‘s web interface technology is Ajax. In this way it is possible to exploit all the power and versatility that the newest web technologies offer for the management of emails, contacts, shared calendars, VoIP tools, and document management, all with a browser-based interface. 

The keyword of Zimbra is interoperability: all standard protocols are implemented in the system, from the most common IMAP / POP3 for reading mail, to CardDAV and CalDAV for contacts and calendar, to SAML / OpenID for authentication, to automatic provisioning from Active Directory. Thanks to Zimlets, it is possible to extend the web interface for every possible need, from sending faxes to signing and coding emails via PGP. The potential of this technology is unlimited. The best way to use Zimbra is via its web interface, but it is also full accessible from all major mail clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird, as well as from any other mail client that uses standard communication protocols.

Zimbra also offers integration with mobile devices, including push notifications, without the need for third party software (for the most common systems): 

Choose Zimbra for: 

  • Maximum usability and increased productivity for the end user
  • Simplicity, robustness, and manageability for system administrators
  • 100% open source and open platform
  • Maximum integration with third-party solutions





Thanks to continual updates, all services are redundant, eliminating the so-called “single point of failure”: your mail is always available


Advanced tools for sharing and collaborating on resources and activities


360° integration into existing environments, provisioning and authentication on Active Directory, support for various Single Sign On technologies


All network traffic takes place with secure protocols, and thanks to SSL certificates, every communication remains private

Dedicated apps

Dedicated apps, Microsoft Outlook integration, cell phone synchronization



Web-based configuration interface with delegated administrators and command line interface to simplify the work of administrators


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